13th Floor Lounge Podcast

Host Leatrice Ellzy Wright and co-host Donna Nunn discuss art, culture, life, enterprise and ideas with artists, thinkers and doers who are animating our NOW and informing our LATER.  The 13th Floor Lounge is a production of Beatrix Moss. Our theme music, "Meanwhile, Back On Venus" is composed by and used with the permission of Russell Gunn.  

13th Floor Lounge #2 - Okorie Johnson

Okorie Johnson

Before we introduce you to this week's guest, we would like to thank you for all of the great feedback you shared after listening to the first episode of the 13th Floor Lounge.  We are thrilled that you enjoyed it, were informed and inspired. I love those of you who critiqued - WITH NOTES. Thank you for helping us be better. Keep listening and keep letting us know what you think. 

This week's guest is cellist Okorie Johnson.  Okorie has been playing cello for more than 30 years. A graduate of Morehouse College, he played with Spelman College’s string ensemble, and has studied with Oliver Edel at the Levine School of Music in Washington, DC. His specialty is melodic cello accompaniment to acoustic, guitar-based soul, folk and jazz. He has accompanied and recorded with acts like Donnie, Doria Roberts, Marathon (Chuck Carrier), Tony Rich Project, Jennifer Daniels, Grammy award-winning artist India.Arie, Jason Michael Green, Leah Morgan, progressive rock notables The Muffins, Khari Cabral Simmons, Doria Roberts, Brenda Nicole Moorer, Callaghan, Anthony David, and De La Soul. 

For more information on Okorie Johnson, visit his website at okcello.com.  Enjoy this week's 13th Floor Lounge Podcast!