13th Floor Lounge Podcast

Host Leatrice Ellzy Wright and co-host Donna Nunn discuss art, culture, life, enterprise and ideas with artists, thinkers and doers who are animating our NOW and informing our LATER.  The 13th Floor Lounge is a production of Beatrix Moss. Our theme music, "Meanwhile, Back On Venus" is composed by and used with the permission of Russell Gunn.  

13th Floor Lounge #3 - Aku Kadogo

Aku Kadogo

This week Aku Kadogo joins us in the lounge for a lively conversation. She's an international theatre director, choreographer, educator and creative producer of cultural arts projects. She directs highly energetic, imaginative theatre works and has produced a number of collaborative interdisciplinary projects. Her eclectic career has spanned across the United States, Australia, Europe and Asia. 

For more information on Aku Kadogo please visit www.akukadogo.com. Enjoy this week's 13th Floor Lounge Podcast!