13th Floor Lounge Podcast

Host Leatrice Ellzy Wright and co-host Donna Nunn discuss art, culture, life, enterprise and ideas with artists, thinkers and doers who are animating our NOW and informing our LATER.  The 13th Floor Lounge is a production of Beatrix Moss. Our theme music, "Meanwhile, Back On Venus" is composed by and used with the permission of Russell Gunn.  

13th Floor Lounge #15 - Kevin Sipp

Kevin Sipp is a fine artist, independent scholar, and curator with expertise in printmaking, painting, sculpture and multi-media installation. A Florida native, he has lived and worked in Georgia since the early 90's where he received a BA in Printmaking from the Atlanta College of Art.  Sipp's fine art works have appeared in solo and group exhibitions throughout the country and internationally. His fine art prints have been featured in exhibitions by noted curators such as renowned Master Printmaker Malcolm Christian, Founder of Caversham Press in Balgowan, South Africa. His foundational aesthetic focus examines the spiritual, political, social, and historical influence of African derived culture in the world often making references to African Myth, Afro-Futurism, Cultural Identity, Colonial History, past and contemporary music, politics and comics.

Kevin is a highly sought-after public speaker whose lectures have inspired and entertained audiences at college campuses such as Brandeis University and the Emory University Michael C. Carlos Museum, including Arnall Golden & Gregory Law Firm, festivals and comic book conventions. His poetry has also been featured during the National Black Arts Festival sharing the stage with such luminaries as Amiri Baraka, Sonia Sanchez and the poets of the Nuyorican Cafe.  Kevin is currently the curator at the City of Atlanta's Gallery 72.

Kevin's graphic novel The Amazing Adventures of David Walker Blackstone may be purchased at Lulu by clicking here and you can explore the wonderful arts programming offered this fall by City of Atlanta's Office of Cultural Affairs by clicking here.