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What are we checking out? Who are we listening to?  Where are we going?  Where have we been?  Who's here, who's next and who has consistently set the pace? Fast Forward answers questions, asks questions, reports on what we've got poppin' and takes a look at how blue, black and brown people are getting down artistically, creatively and culturally.  

Luke Cage On Netflix

The promise of Luke Cage, the first Black comic book hero in the Marvel Universe to roll out with a dedicated show, had us super excited.  Then the series hit Netflix and we binge watched 13 episodes of amazingness. Luke Cage shut down Netflix on the Saturday of its release. I would venture to say the show is a hit!  It was beautifully shot, delivered great performances and nicely written. (Hat tip to showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker).

Luke Cage tells the story of a superhero but also tells a story of Black life in Harlem. Harlem, NY and all of its majesty, history and notoriousness is masterfully woven into the Luke Cage script. Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes, The Cotton Club, The Apollo Theater, uptown politics and many Harlem icons, past and present, have a place in Luke Cage's Harlem. Harlem is not just a backdrop, it's a part of the show.  

And then there's the musical score.  Composed by Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Luke Cage gave it to us ... 70's soul, 90's hip hop, live performances and strings. The music is so amazing that they have held a concert performance of the music since the release of the series. They just might want to figure out how to perform the score around the country. At least in the top 10 markets. I'm sending that idea to them telepathically as I type. 

Check out Luke Cage on Netflix! You can thank us later. - LE